Friday, May 21, 2010

Utterly Yours Review

Strawberry Kids sent me an Utterly Yours breast pillow to review. I had seen these while I was pregnant with Zealand and thought that it truly looked amazing. It seemed to be one of the novelty items to have but not a necessity.
Both my children love to nurse sitting up. As if they are riding my thigh like a horse, straddled but not saddled! Because they love to nurse this way, I in turn have to literally hold my breast in my hand like it is a wafer being passed to someone during communion. Which if you think about it, my breast does produce some miracle stuff.....
Now, the pillow, shaped like a section of an orange, when placed deep under the voluptuous breast causes it to rise like they did at the wonderful age of 17. A miracle bra has NOTHING on the Utterly Yours, now if only they would fit into my bravado tanks...hmmmm
Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy it. Although Kingsley is a demand nurser now (meaning she actually slaps and yells bewbie, when she wants it) I can't always have the Utterly Yours within my reach. So, I keep it near my favorite place to nurse, just in case....because I really could get carpal tunnel from holding the "girls" up during nursing.
Check out Strawberry Kids and the whole slew of great breastfeeding and cloth diapering goodies. You'll love her! She is super cool and amazingly nice! GO!



Ida Mae said...

I love reading your blog. I gave you a blog award. Well, there are three of them, so take your pick :)
Check it out when you find the time.
~Ida Mae

Mama Campbell said...

I've always wondered if these were worth buying or not. I definitely would get the hand cramps from holding my breast up nursing my last daughter, so maybe it's something I should look into getting before Newbie arrives!! Thanks for the review!

btw-I gave you an award here: