Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bye Bye with Baby #BfCafe

I've heard from numerous moms that they are not uncomfortable nursing in public but they don't want to make others uncomfortable.
I have heard moms gather around and tell of the amazing places they have found to nurse.
Example: I love the maternity Gap store in Jacksonville's Avenue of the Oaks. They had a dim light, a table with reading material, a soft rocking recliner and......disposable nursing pads.
And Ikea? Forget about it! I want a room just like that in my own house.
Whether you nurse in a bench in the middle of the mall or you chose to go to the designated "family" have that right. The right to nurse wherever you want, whenever.
So, you decide. You can take Bye Bye with Baby's database of mom friendly places to nurse and change diapers and makes it a bible of knowledge!
Whether you are on the road during vacation in a town you know little about or you are in your own local mall, Bye Bye with Baby has some great places to nurse and have some peace of mind!

Bye Bye with Baby has generously offered 2 Udder Covers Gift Sets to giveaway, one in Jones and one in Laila.
The set includes a nursing cover, Milk Bands™ nursing bracelet and 2 pairs of Udder Covers™ 5 ply washable breast pads!

So come chat with us and RSVP to win:


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