Friday, July 23, 2010

MoBoleez Recap on confident nursing in public


Here are the tips Diane Currie Sam had for those that attended.
(She is the inventor of MoBoleez)

Obtaining Confidence in Public:
My first tip for NIP - relax and have a sense of humor!
Start slow if you feel awkward or nervous. i.e. maybe with just women around
If you want to use the MoBoleez hat, put in on babe's head first,
then hook him/her up - easy peasy :)

Talking to a supportive mom or lactation consultant about your concerns helps too

What to say when people ask about your nursing:
I'd say to others "this is what works for me"
To others, just address it calmly, don't ask permission, you don't need it.
I'd also say whatever calm, powerful mommy comment you're going to say, with a smile and a sense of humor
when people ask "how long are you going to nurse" I say "not sure" and laugh or say "you should ask him" and point to baby

Nursing Older babies:
I used to like to go someplace quiet, so if you like that too, just ask, many venues will help you find a quiet spot to NIP
re: active 10 month old - try gently rubbing or swinging his other arm , distracting him/her helps
nursing necklaces are worn by mom and designed to be baby-safe and can be a fun way to keep a baby busy

MoBoleez has New PRINTS coming out!
Check out their facebook page for an exclusive sneak peak!
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Hello - I found your site via Twitter! I lived in Lakeland for over 20 years...and breastfed 8 of my 10 children! Wishing you and your blog great success. Hope you'll stop by mine one of these days!