Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why your milk may decrease & how to boost it back up!

This past Thursday we talked supply....again.

I think it is important to understand why and how your supply can decrease in an effort to control & manage it.

We talked about emptying your breast. Pumping after each feed, if you feel that the baby did not finish. Example: baby falling asleep or too distracted during a feed. We talked about hormonal issues that cause milk supply to diminish or be low from the start such as: high estrogen, testosterone, thyroid issues and PCOS.
(There are plenty more issues that can affect supply)

Breast tissue damage & scarring is another issue to be aware of.
Nipple piercing, reductions and biopsies can cause decreases, to name a few.
There are anti-galactofuges that cause milk reduction.
Such as peppermints, parsley and name a few!
Birth control, and medicines that dry up nasal/sinus issues and alcohol and tobacco use.

On the bright side there are numerous ways to boost back and make supply!

Water and diet, first and foremost.

If tissue damage has occurred, Motherlove has Goat's Rue that helps restore and build tissue. This product can even help for adoptive moms to lactate.
Oats. Oatmeal, oat tea or oat bread!
Motherlove has the number one selling product for supplements. More Milk Plus. I prefer the capsules to the liquid.
Herbal Galactofuges. Such as fenugreek, blessed thistle and many more.

(This is a recap of the #BfCafe as I remembered it while typing this post from my phone!)

For more information click on any of the links above that will direct you to the Motherlove website.

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