Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nutrition and the importance of Vitamin D recap

Wellesse was our featured sponsor and the lucky ladies @katladyu18 and @curious_kitty each won a 3 month supply of the liquid vitamin of their choice and a copy of their book!

We talked about how 75% of all Americans (children included) are vitamin D deficient!
Wearing sunscreen, having a darker skin color or even limited sunscreen exposure are reasons that need vitamin D.
Here is a kellymom link on how much vitamin D is in our milk and how much your baby gets while clothed and normal sun exposure.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no saying go bake your bodies in the sun...even a dermatologist will tell you that they prefer vitamins over the harmful sun.

Under 12 only need one teaspoon and over 12 years of age needs only 2 teaspoons!
Easy to drink and because it is a liquid ALL of the vitamin is digested unlike many pill forms.

I tweeted out some links on nutrition and calories for both mom and baby.

1800-2200 is the normal calories for a breastfeeding mom. If you are active, stay on the higher side of that caloric scale.

Here is a link on calories if you are nursing less than normal and liquid intakes.
Drink when you are thirsty and eat when you are hungry......don't push it!

After 12 months you can start offering solids BEFORE breast unlike the opposite before they reach a year.
There is also a HUGE misconception that our now nursing toddlers need cow's milk!
MOM's milk is made for MOM's babies!
Mom's milk is whole milk!
Our milk has not only more fat and calories but also has an enormous amount of emotional and immunological nutrients!
Here is the kellymom link of toddler nutrition and vitamin D

You can substitute the lack of vitamin D but possibly adding Wellesse liquid to their diet!



admin said...

Thanks. We were pleasantly surprised when our little one took quickly to his daily vitamins D. Even better when we tried a multi, which to be honest smelled horrible, like vitamin B... yet for some reason he devoured it with gusto!

San8KidzForMe said...

YAY so excited! My kids have troubles with pills and most of the liquid vitamins we have tried are bitter. Can't wait to try this one!