Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BabyBond Review and Giveaway...CLOSED

BabyBond sent me a BabyBond flex to review and give one away!

We've talked about nursing in public numerous times and how being confident in yourself can really be a deal breaker.

The BabyBond is soft. Softer than the "normal" nursing cover of a more scratchy cotton.

The BabyBond fits over your head like a sash. The sash consists of two cotton pieces. One piece you put under your breast and the other is placed over your breast making a peek-a-boo for your nipple!

Your breast is completely covered, no matter what kind of top you are wearing! You can still pull your shirt down or if you have a tank on, you can pull your top up!

I know that I always wear a tank, so little breast shows.....BUT Kingsley has been in this mood where she has been pushing my shirt clear up to my neck exposing my breast. I always keep my hand on constant stand-by to cover my nipple when she abruptly pulls off.
However, with the BabyBond, only a sliver shows and only a person who was in a deep staring contest with your nipple would see what you have been trying to avoid them to see.

There is a "loop" that is on the BabyBond right at the shoulder that holds a burp cloth for last second wipes or dribbles.

The BabyBond comes in 3 different styles and within those styles is a plethora of colors!

The only downside I have encountered with the BabyBond is that when nursing a toddler who is quick, efficient AND that when Kingsley is done with one side she loudly expresses her need for "other side"....So I have to quickly un-sash and re-sash.
With that being said Kingsley would NEVER stand for any cover being placed over her head so the BabyBond really is an INCREDIBLE option and the only non-covering of baby option other than no cover at all....which there is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion either!

Check out the online retailers ALL over the WORLD to see where you can buy your own BabyBond!

Mandatory entry: Visit BabyBond and tell me WHICH version AND which color you would chose if you won.
(Winner will receive a size 2 turquoise BabyBond)
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