Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tupperware recap and storing your breastmilk

We talked about storing this past week.
Lots of mamas have lots of ways they do things.
I prefer my method....well simply cause it's my method!
I used ice cube trays and then emptied the ice cubes into freezer bags(which I re-used upon consumption of the bag).
I was able to defrost EXACTLY what I needed as each cube is one ounce!
No mess. No waste. No trash.
A totally green way to store milk!
With the Tupperware ice cube trays, they have a seal tight lid, keeping the freezer yuck out of the milk.
Once frozen, we believe that if the cubes were then transferred into a Freezer Mate made by Tupperware that the life of the cubes would prolong the life they normally have!
Regardless of if you cube or not, if you can simply store your bags inside a Freezer Mate to keep the milk fresher!
*If you're interested in these AMAZING ice cube will need to email Angela as they are on a super secret sale not available through her website even. They're $12.75 for TWO!*

Moving on to how long:
Do the smell test.
Your baby won't take a sour bottle.
Trust me when I say: YOU'LL KNOW!
You will totally know if your milk is bad...totally.
Here is the link on storing

We talked about SHAKING and MICROWAVING!
Both are no-nos.
Shaking and microwaving causes damage to the live cells in the breastmilk.
Just don't do it...kay?
Swirl the bottle.
I liked to cup the bottle in the palms of my hands to warm the fat deposits that stuck to the sides.
Between the warmth and the swirling, give it 30 seconds and you'll be good to go.

My lactation consultant gave me amazing advice.
She told me not to warm my bottles.
If a baby never has a warmed bottle, they will never long for a warmed bottle.
Isn't one of the great reasons to breastfeed, the simplicity of it?
Just thaw the milk out on the counter for an hour before a feeding and voila'!

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Tara said...

i know... BFing really is so simple... no pumping, no storing, no defrosting, etc. my son is 5 1/2 months and has only got the bottle twice... i guess i'm lazy, but pumping was too much work! and I enjoy BFing. :)