Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Motherlove: October 28th's #BfCafe Sponsor

There's not anything I don't love about Motherlove Herbal Company.
They are there to support you from the very beginning.
Oh...and they are organic!

I wanna talk about all things baby related. Why? Isn't this a breastfeeding chat?
Yes, yes it is. But isn't there a product on the market or a tip you learned about something else, that made you able to breastfeed with more ease or comfort?

I wanna talk about all sorts of products from the Belly Bandit that I wore immediately after I had Kingsley (which I did NOT have for Zealand) that gave me such support and eased so much discomfort, I immediately was able to sit up and nurse Kingsley with so much confidence.

I also LOVED my Arm's reach co-sleeper that..once again I only had the 2nd time around.....allowed me to easily pull Kingsley close to me to nurse at night and I worried so little about her falling, with the attached bed.

Every small detail can hinder or help your breastfeeding experience, so let's share it with others in hopes that they too have a wonderful start, right out of the gate.

Motherlove Herb has some wonderful products that help ease many discomforts like:

Sitz Bath
Rhoid Balm
Nipple Cream

Three winners will be chosen from the RSVP list and the additional entries allowed:

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