Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welch's Harvest Grants

Among my many dreams, I want to grow my own garden. I want my children to know what it's like to create something and then be able to really reap the benefits.
My dream for my family, is the same dream that Welch's has for EVERY family.

Amazing how a company that SELLS garden products wants
to encourage families to grow their own.

Here is the lowdown on this amazing program they have started:

Welch’s Harvest Grants gives thousands of children the opportunity to learn the importance of incorporating fruits and vegetables into their diet and gain a heightened awareness of what they eat and where it comes from by planting and growing fruit and vegetable gardens at school.

In the first year alone more than 12,500 students got to partake in this program within the 100 schools that were awarded. Not only did the students get this opportunity, their parents, their teachers and local members of their community were able to participate and learn.

Of course the program aims at building a positive relationship with healthy foods, what they may not have realized was that test scores would improve in some 17% of the students participating!
The science and math that correlates with growing your own farm is just the beginning of a lifetime of learning.

Welch's facebook page where they encourage families to incorporate fruits and vegetables more regularly in meals at home by taking a Healthy Eating Pledge. The page also showcases A Harvest Time game that participants can win a garden of their own (one given out daily in September and October) and a grand prize winner will win a chance to visit the Welch's family farm and get first hand and hands on experience.

"Starting September 15, 2010, K-8 teachers nationwide are invited to apply for one of 100 grants that can be accessed through their facebook page. Entries will be judged by experts who will select two schools in every state to receive a Welch’s Harvest Grant. Welch's will award garden packages, together valued at more than $50,000, to 100 winning schools. Each package will include tools, seeds, and educational materials that will help students plant and grow gardens at school. The deadline for submission is February 11, 2011." (An excerpt taken from the program's informational page)

I encourage you to tell your children's teachers about this truly amazing program. If not only for the chance to WIN, but if they don't win, to gain knowledge on how to implement a similar program on their own accord.

How many children in your community besides your own would flourish
and learn with a program like this?

This is a "sponsored" post...I was paid to write my own thoughts and opinions on this program.
I would not have blogged this opportunity if I did not believe
it to be in the best interest of my readers.
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