Monday, November 29, 2010

The Organized Disorganized Mom

I love to make lists....I want to be soooo organized! I write said lists on envelope backs mostly. I usually leave the list laying around, in no particular place and certainly not in the places I return to look for them....and find them missing.
I'm still phenomenal at list making and even better and list losing although I have found THE perfect calendar/organizer for me.
It's cute, practical, has list pages in the back that are perforated, so I can write my lovely lists and take them into the store with me!
This organizer has both a calendar year as well as an academic year.
Need a large wall calendar? Yep! They have this too.
This is the second year that I have gotten a Busy Body Book and I even purchased one for my shop, I love them soooo much.
See...they are gridded. Meaning what, you ask?
Meaning each person can have their own column in your organizer. Mom has an appointment, mark it in Mom's column....therefore keeping her hair appointment separate from son's dentist appointment. Because if you are like me I like to just write "1:30 appointment" on the calendar....and then the week comes and I have NO clue who the appointment is for or to where?!
Great for keeping play dates organized, work schedules and even cleaning schedules!
I think you'll really love to GET this book as well as being a STELLAR gift to give!

Right now, shipping is free AND you get 10% off!
Grab one or two now!
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