Monday, December 6, 2010

Natural Transition as this week's sponsor 12/9

What I love about #BfCafe is that I get to support so many moms. Moms that have their own companies and moms that are looking for support in breastfeeding and a natural start.
Moms helping moms.

Natural Transitions' website header is:
"embracing motherhood naturally"

I'd like to think that MOST moms want the natural and healthy lifestyle for their babies but unfortunately that is just NOT the case.

But for those of you that do...I have found a great resource for you.

This site is the epitome of support.
Whether you need recipes, fertility advice, breastfeeding or loads more.
Not only is a GREAT amount of this site free there is a new members area where personalized support from a trained teacher.

We all know that most things cannot be done without support..this site can help with a beginning and a transition into a more natural lifestyle using tools geared directly at what you want and need the most!

Looking for goodies to help?
Well....there is a shop too!
Although Natural Transition is in Australia, no matter where you can still benefit.
From leg warmers to maternity wear to teething dolls.
The shop isn't huge but I'm sure it will grow!

Natural Transition is run by: Run by Julie Cottle- mother of 3, naturopath, breastfeeding counselor and natural fertility she knows her business!!

Julie has a prize for everyone but you MUST RSVP to win!

Let's talk things natural!
From breastfeeding to products we love......

I know I wouldn't be walking down the path I am now, if it weren't for breastfeeding.
One good thing deserves another, right!?

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