Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Facts and Fiction sponsored by Motherlove

I overheard moms talking about breast milk today. I have to draw the line about how much I can interfere when the discussions are at my own to not piss anyone off enough to not come back.

Moms talking.

Talking about not having enough milk.

Talking about how in some "milk analysis study" that if mom doesn't eat healthy enough, that formula is more nutritious.

Talking about how iron and fluoride are needed in supplement forms to breastfed babies.

If these are truths....then we would cease to exist.
I can assure you that 100s of years ago they did not have formula. They did not have supplements and they did not analyze milk's nutritional value.

So...I thought we could talk truths this week.

You can bring those burning questions....and we can all try to get the truth's known!

Does breastfeeding raise or lower sex drive?
Does the nutritional value of breast milk dwindle with age?
Do you need to quit breastfeeding while pregnant?

Bring them!

If you know your question now, ask in the comments below, so I can do some research!!


Tara said...

what foods help increase milk production? what can hinder it?

taraz9 at excite dot com

De in D.C. said...

You mentioned during chat to comment if someone hadn't previously won a motherlove product. I haven't won, and have been interested in trying in the green salve and the more milk plus alcohol free liquid (I tried the capsules on my own and didn't really notice any supply changes - don't know if the liquid would be better).

Tara said...

i haven't won before either... would love to try any of their products! :)
taraz9 at excite dot com