Friday, June 4, 2010

day 3

We live in this little bubble called happiness!
(Actually my husband calls it "The wonderful world of Wann"
I truly think we have a great life. Don't get me wrong, we could have more or do more but for the most part we have a great life.
Things fall into our lap, just when we need them the most, we firmly believe in "everything happening for a reason".
I'm happy, my kids are happy and I'm pretty certain that my husband is happy.
(Hard to get a man to talk, ya know?)
We live next door to my sister and my mom, so we see them every day and we have family dinner EVERY night!
I get to be with Zealand and Kingsley all day, every day & I can't imagine anywhere else I would rather be!
I wish my internet was faster. I wish I had my 3 credit cards paid off. I wish I could somehow wake up and be 30 pounds lighter. Besides is pretty damn good.
Know a genie?
How's life for You?


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