Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4th

Turns out, yesterday's post which was posted HERE today, was posted at yesterday.Align Center YEP! I'm a dumb ass and accidentally posted on the wrong blog.
And we had 156 hits today.
We did however have a wonderful day at work 11-13 moms came....I didn't actually do the count Tiffany did, so I'm unsure. I actually got to make a pretty nice deposit!
If you build it, right?
We have a few mom groups booked to come and a few daycares booked to bring their kids as field trips, too!
Tiffany and I EACH booked a party turns out I may not go bankrupt after all!
Keep thinking of us.
I need to listen to The Secret that I have on CD....need to push the energies our way!
Have a great weekend!


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