Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where everybody knows your name

Cheers. That was a great show....I think everyone loved it.
Wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere as a mom, and everyone knew your name? Your kids names? Their allergies, their birthdays, their likes, their dislikes?
And this place was clean for your kids to run or crawl around? And the adults that were there, were supportive and friendly!Align CenterThis place doesn't offer alcohol to buy but a membership to friendship.
A place to call your own and feel comfortable going. Where you could breastfeed uncovered or let your baby run around in just a diaper, if they so wanted.
This place would offer fun things for the tupperware, mary-kay, clothdiapers, chocolate and more?

This place's my dream, it's my store!
So, please tell me why I have people complaining about paying $5 to come?
And these people that think I can support the rent by what?...selling my blood?
Do these people know that I have not paid myself one SINGLE penny since we opened?
Do they think that rent at $1200 divided by $5 per kid/per visit is EVEN feasible?
It makes me sad to think that my dreams and my finances would wash down the drain because the wonderful, caring, genuine services that my sister and I provide should be free.
Anyone wanna buy me out, so I can just come and play?



Peggy said...

It sounds wonderful! I wish a place like yours was around when my kids were growing up because Mom's like me was and are isolated . We are raising kids ,family ,working and cleaning can get you into a rut. I would have gladly pay $5,for getting out and enjoy some friendship!
Maybe you can do a family membership for a year and calculate how much you an charge and still get a paycheck,
I know what you offer is priceless!
I hope things get better for you

Ida Mae said...

people will come around, I just know it. Keep it up, and keep smiling!
~Ida Mae

The Jacobsen Family! said...

It is insane to think that people would complain about $5! That is cheaper than most anywhere these days!
Hang in there, I'm sure things will improve!!

The Eco Chic said...

Great big hugs! You know we would visit often IF 1) I lived down the road, and 2) I didn't work every dreaded day.

The one thing you will always know - win or loose - is that you tried your best! No one will ever think that TRYING is failing!

You've poured your heart and soul into your store - it shows! People will see it - it's just a tough time for everyone with the economy.

All my love!!!