Monday, June 7, 2010

Day at the Aquarium

I'm still grinning from ear to ear.
I love to watch my babies have fun....such sweet amazing fun!
We headed to the aquarium today an early start for the family. Traffic was nice, detours were awful. Heat was incredible as we walked to the entrance.
We became members of the local mall parents club (for free) and that membership saved me $25 off a year pass for 2 adults!!
Plus, we get 20% off food and free parking.
The kids were in awe. Kingsley didn't want to be held on strolled. Zealand signed every animal he saw (which reminds me, I need to look up the sign for octopus...he kept signing giraffe?).
we saw two shows and ended the day in the water area, where the kids ran amuck under the beautiful blue sky!
Happy, Happy Day!
Happy, Happy Mommy!
If you can sign on to twitpic, then you can see some of the pictures I took today!


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The Eco Chic said...

We love the aquarium! I have passes to the zoo if you are ever heading that way!