Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sign Language

Most people don't know that I sign allot with Zealand.
I started really early with him & he started signing back at about 11 months.
It was a really great decision for us, as it turned out his hearing test showed a flat line. Zealand had ear wax buildup.
Thankfully my mommy-instinct was in full mode when I put him in speech therapy at 18 months. The great thing about the speech therapist was that she signed with him, most words that she spoke verbally. He learned most of his animals this way.
Christian and I had decided early on that we wanted sign language to be our family's second language as hearing loss runs on both sides.
Zealand just finished his 5 week course that was taught at Peace Love Play. He ran around and played with toys for the most part but was quick to pick up on things when he did sit still long enough:)
It was great fun to see him sign all the sea animals at the aquarium yesterday and he was quite pleased with himself when he showed his sign teacher today all the things he had seen!

Tonight as I laid in bed with him, he and I sang and signed "Twinkle, twinkle little star" what a sweet and memorable moment for me:)



Pamela said...

We've signed with all our babies and it's been really helpful to all of us.

Wrote a breastfeeding post today... stop by.

fancygrlnancy said...

I also sign with Jayden and we love it. He has learned so much. Makes is so much easier to understand him in his jibberish. PLus sometimes when he is being shy around others he will sign to me. One of Jayden's favorite signs is diamond, we learned from the twinkle star song.