Monday, September 13, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

For now, I've been wanting to tell all the mamas that are new and have been around this past year with me SOME of the TOP items I have reviewed or purchased for my babies! I would love for you to do the same on your blog and we can linky them up!!

I'll start with a list of no particular order:)

1. Bravado Nursing Tank (well, come on! You knew that was coming!)
2. Baby K'tan (amazing for 1st 6 months of babywearing)
3. Kaboost (loved the product SO much, I purchased another!)
4. Bow Baby Bow (My very first review!)
5. Active Ion (We now have 2 & even DH loves to use it!)
6. Green Acre Designs (Our one true love in cloth diapers)
7. Livie and Luca leather shoes (Amazing quality & workmanship we now have 2 pairs)
8. The Boy's Store clothing (Where the cool moms of boys shop!)
9. Tupperware (EVERYTHING! I love the kids collection & that they have warranties!)
10. Inspired by Finn Baltic Amber Necklace (My lifesaver a MUST for every baby)

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